Collaboration & Round Table


The construction industry has changed in many ways this past decade and most of which is for the better. The popularity of design-build and CMAR projects has challenged the entire team of a project to become more integrated, breaking down age old barriers between disciplines, and working together for the benefit of the project. Even though these alternative delivery methods to contracting have many variations, the common thread is collaboration that is expected in the entire process from the owner, design team, general contractor, subcontractor, and supplier. This collaboration has allowed increased communication and forged deeper trust between disciplines, between companies, and between individuals. I would say this is a fantastic change for the development and construction industry as a whole. These types of positive industry-wide changes are healthy for the project and the participants alike.

Recently Buesing Corp had the privilege of participating in a Construction Round Table put together by Commercial Executive Magazine (CEM), and MP Media. Go to to read the article. Thanks to CEM, this is a great example of bringing upper level management from a cross section of general contractors and design firms and subcontractors, like Buesing Corp, together to not only discuss how to collaborate better between one another, but also identify and solve some of the pressing issues we all may be facing. Some of the issues discussed at this round table were labor shortage and quality, payment retention withheld too long, communication, and technology pros and cons. The discussion remained on topic and there was mutual respect among peers and the different disciplines, each identifying with the others perspectives. We all understand that competitive pricing is very important, however the relationships and trust being forged throughout a project team is essential for project success and the integrity of the industry.

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