Charitable Organizations: Why Participate

Every individual and company encounters opportunities to help those less fortunate than themselves; those that served our country; those that were born with a disease or disability; their local community or a global outreach that is committed to ending hunger and/or sickness. Charitable organizations also exist to help animals, from household pets, horses we ride, and endangered species.

There are thousands of charities that exist today that allow us the opportunity to help one another, as well as the animal kingdom we share this Earth with. Many of these organizations are making a meaningful impact. Some may receive the government’s support; however, most are non-profit. Some are faith-based, while others are not. Almost all can benefit greatly from giving (donating) money, and many benefit from giving of yourself: your skills and/or your time.

Each year, we are given many opportunities to get involved with a charity by donating time, money or resources to help raise awareness to those in need. With these many opportunities, there are a lot of tough choices of how to donate or participate in one cause over another, and if they are able many choose to become involved in more than one. Each individual or company must be fiscally responsible in managing their budgets, as well as managing their time away from their work or home life.

Charities (and philanthropy to some degree) can align with your passion(s), can be rewarding to serve or help others, can humble ourselves, and can help build character and perspective. They are both necessary and worthwhile. There will be many times one group will be disappointed while another is appreciative. It may be prudent to evaluate and scrutinize an organization’s percentage of direct impact versus indirect overhead costs, to review the impact on individuals and the community they serve, and their legitimacy in a day and age where fraudulent people prey.

Weaving through the many choices and hard decisions to participate is not easy, however, deciding to get involved in one or a few organizations is the right thing to do. Balancing budgets, times, and our busy lives is important, but so is giving money, resources or of ourselves. We should choose to act first, then decide what to get involved with, and with which organization(s).

Here at Buesing Corp., we are not perfect and don’t have the deepest charitable pockets, but it is our hope that our legacy this next 50+ years is that we chose to act, to be kind, to be charitable, to have fun doing something worthwhile, and to be humble in our participation.

One Such Example of Our Participation is Red Nose Day

Walgreens is sponsoring Red Nose Day May 1st through May 25th of this year in an effort to end child poverty by raising money and awareness for kids in the U.S. and around the world. The red noses are $1.00 each. 50% ($0.50) goes directly to the cause. In addition, their website also provides you with the opportunity to donate directly. This is an international movement. The advent of social media helps spread the cause and everyone’s participation alike, in an instant.

Origins of Red Nose Day

Comic Relief Inc., the non-profit charity behind Red Nose Day, was launched in the United Kingdom in 1988. Since then, the day has raised more than $1 billion globally. Red Nose Day was launched in the U.S. in 2015 and has since raised $60 million.

Richard Curtis, who wrote and directed the 2003 movie Love Actually, among other popular films including Four Weddings and a Funeral is the cofounder of Comic Relief. A live broadcast from a refugee camp in Sudan airs annually. The charity was created out of the firm belief that the power of mass media and high-profile celebrities can raise awareness on the issue of poverty, saving millions of lives.

A Mission to End Child Poverty

Through the power of entertainment, Red Nose Day raises awareness and money to help the children who need us most, both at home and around the world.

Get ready – Red Nose Day returns May 25th!

Buesing Corp. is committed to being an active participant whenever and wherever they can be involved, whether it is a local community cause or national organization. There are many chartiable role models in the AEC industry, and we are just one of many that choose to act together to make a better tomorrow.

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