Team Buesing Displays Conventional Excellence Downtown

earth retentionScheduled for completion early next year, Team Buesing has been engaged in building a new permanent retaining wall on the South End of the Phoenix Convention Center.  Wedged between the Light Rail and the Convention Center Basement, this project has certainly been one for the books.  Team Buesing has been involved in the project since early planning and has provided design collaboration as well as Pre-Construction and Construction Services.

Using our Bauer BG-24 Drill Rig with an oscillator attachment, we installed steel beams in a 1.5-meter diameter shaft.  Those beams form the backbone of the new permanent concrete wall which will also be installed by Buesing’s Shotcrete crews in conjunction with the contractor providing the concrete grade beam and other new structural elements that will give the Convention Center some much needed additional storage space as well as ease the concerns with an aging temporary wall.  When installed many years ago, the current beam and lagging wall was considered temporary because the City had plans to continue the lower level of the Convention Center across the street.

Those plans evolved over what turned into decades, and after the light rail was installed, it became apparent that the extension may never be built, and the need for a permanent solution was born. Now that the vertical beams are in place, the excavation of the basement extension can begin. Horizontal tie backs will be installed in the new wall as the excavation goes down to further support the soil below the light rail and ensure that the new wall has no movement as the soils in front of it are excavated and removed from the site by our excavation crews.

Team Buesing has risen to the challenge of this project in concert with all the stakeholders, including the design and management teams assembled by the City of Phoenix and the Convention Center. Projects like this one always have challenges ranging from unforeseen underground obstructions to traffic, and in this case, an operating mass transit system. Even handling drain water from the enormous rooftop of the Convention Center had to be considered. Team Buesing recognizes the importance of a truly collaborative atmosphere and always stands ready to engage our expertise at any level to assure the success of our projects.

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