What is the Purpose of Land Clearing?

land clearing

Before new structures can be constructed in the Grand Canyon State, it is essential for a specialty civil engineering company, like Buesing Corp, to prepare the site through the process of land clearing and grubbing.

That is true whether the site is going to house a municipal building, apartment complex, or other public or private building.

Land clearing and grubbing is the process of preparing a parcel of land for construction by removing all vegetation and landscape materials. If there are any existing buildings, they will need to be demolished and removed, after which time the land can be cleared. 

Materials typically needing to be cleared away include trees, shrubs, weeds, and grass. Rocks and boulders may also need to be removed from the lot before further site development can commence.

Buesing Corp often performs land clearing and grubbing along with more comprehensive earthwork since both services require the same heavy equipment.

The Process of Land Clearing

Land clearing is the process of removing surface debris, including vegetation, while grubbing works to eliminate the roots of trees and shrubs. These services are performed in combination with one another after the soils have been tested.

Depending on the project’s scope, as well as the soil report and earthwork specs, varying degrees of effort are required to remove the root zone from trees and shrubs. The bid documents should clearly define the detail of this scope work.

Vegetative Disposal Methods

There are several options for vegetative disposals, such as burying on-site, chipping the debris, then burying or hauling it off, or hauling it away in trucks or bins. Any materials hauled off are either disposed of at a landfill or transported to a green waste recycling center. To salvage native plants, a different trade contractor is called in by the owner or general contractor due to its unique timing, sequencing, and inherent risks.

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