What Services Do Shotcrete Contractors Provide?

shotcrete contractors

Shotcrete is defined as “concrete placed by high velocity pneumatic projection from a nozzle” (ACI). It provides many advantages over traditional, permanent cast-in-place concrete, including being incredibly economical and durable. Shotcrete contractors will use either a wet- or dry-mix process to successfully apply construction materials to various surfaces depending on the project’s specific requirements and scope.

Shotcrete contractors, like Buesing Corp, can perform both new and repair work for various projects and across multiple market sectors – commercial, public works, mining, etc. – as either an ancillary or stand-alone service. Typical applications that are scalable from one days’ work to thousands of square feet of shotcrete include but are not limited to finish walls, channel linings, and slope stabilization.

Finish Walls

Synonymous with structural walls, shotcrete finish walls are a value engineering alternative to permanent cast-in-place concrete walls, ideal for basements and below-grade garages. Shotcrete contractors prefer this method when forming the walls becomes impractical, mainly because the structure is too deep, causing the walls to be too high. Shotcrete is also a more cost-effective option than traditional methods that can be completed on schedule and within budget.

Channel Lining

The application of shotcrete is the preferred choice for new and replacement channel linings due to its relative ease of constructability and cost-effectiveness. Design considerations depend on the project purpose, soil type, and owner/agency, including optional finishes, steel mesh or fabric, and weep holes. Slope paving for flood channels or highway slope protection, using shotcrete, should also be considered over other techniques when applicable.

Slope Stabilization

Another application in which shotcrete is preferred is slope stabilization. Slope stabilization is a standard solution to help prevent a temporarily or permanently excavated slope from eroding. The shotcrete is often an unfinished or gun-grade surface, and it, like with channel linings, can be designed with or without a steel mesh or fabric. The shotcrete design thickness may vary with each project depending on its purpose, design life, soil type, and owner/agency.

Buesing Corp is a specialty civil contractor serving the construction industry since 1965. Our company provides many civil-related contractor services involving earthwork, trucking, dirt brokering, aggregates, shoring, crushing, recycling, foundation drilling, and residential and commercial concrete.

We are also self-performing shotcrete contractors. That means we can better assist clients in various markets with a complete shoring and permanent shotcrete finish wall package on basements and below-grade projects. Additional applications for this service type include channel lining, slope stabilization, grouted riprap, and facing for shoring.

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