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Most municipalities have established code ordinances for planning and development activities, whether residential or commercial, meaning that specific requirements must be satisfied. For example, in Chandler, those development activities for new construction, property renovations, and land expansion are subject to several conditions and standards. A civil engineering contractor will be familiar with these requisites and possess the experience and equipment necessary to ensure compliance.

Many factors are considered when planning and developing a site for construction. That includes the proposed structure’s purpose, square feet, architectural design, walkways/bikeways, parking lots, landscaping, and other project goals and objectives. These are considered during one of three phases, which begins with the initial design and ends with the post-construction phase. However, additional stages may be added to the site development plan depending on the project requirements.

Site Work and Development Services

Buesing Corp performs site development for various market sectors such as commercial/retail, industrial/warehouse, multi-family properties, residential communities, hospitality, sports and entertainment venues, educational facilities, transportation, and more.

Our reputation and expertise as a civil engineering contractor are recognized by many in the construction industry. We can provide site work, mass grading, and site development as a total scope package or a more limited group of services depending on the project.

These solutions are often comprised of several different services. While this list is not meant to be exhaustive, site development often includes:

Surface demolition and removals are a subcategory of demolition and refer to demolishing and removing existing vertical buildings and structures at or near the surface. That may include asphalt paved roads, parking lots, sidewalks, light bollards, shallow footings, etc.

Dust control is an essential part of site work. The purpose of this service is to mitigate dust generated by related activities on the site, preventing it from exiting, ensuring compliance with local and federal air pollution regulations.

Mass excavation refers to a form of earthwork in which substantial quantities of soil are removed from the ground at the depth required for commercial basements, below-grade garages, and retention basins, channels, or reservoirs.

Site cut and fill is typically performed on “at grade” projects by a scraper fleet. A scraper machine makes thin cuts, filling the bowl with the soil obtained, which is later used as onsite soil to achieve the desired grades.

Structural excavation and backfill is another form of earthwork involving a series of smaller, more intricate digs, which are often integral to the concrete activity/trade sub’s sequence and daily timing.

Additional services include clearing and grubbing, backfill/embankment fillcrushing and screening native soils, and parking lot paving.

Experienced Civil Engineering Contractor

Buesing Corp is a specialty civil engineering contractor serving the construction industry since 1965. Our company provides many civil-related contracting services involving earthwork, trucking, dirt brokering, aggregates, shoring, crushing, recycling, foundation drilling, and residential and commercial concrete.

Please contact us today at (602) 233-3339 to discuss your next project.

The diversity of our equipment fleet and the quality of the Buesing Team, coupled with our breadth of experience, allows Buesing Corp to serve various market sectors throughout the greater Phoenix metropolitan area. These include but are not limited to public works, healthcare facilities, airports, commercial buildings, and infrastructure.


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