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The Sustainability of Shotcrete

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Shotcrete refers to concrete placement onto surfaces, such as a below-grade basement or garage wall, at high velocity using specialized equipment. This technique aids in material compaction and consolidation. There are two processes, dry-mix or wet-mix, that¬†shotcrete contractors¬†may choose after careful review of the project’s specifications. There are several applications for this method of applying […]

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Benefits of Concrete Recycling

in Buesing Corp, Trucking / Import / Export / Aggregates, Recycling Concrete & Asphalt

Have you ever wondered what happens to the debris when structures or roadways are demolished? In the past, stockpiles of hardened, non-biodegradable concrete would be hauled off to local landfills (usually at high costs due to longer haul truck cycles and landfill tipping/gate fees!) where it would sit, taking up precious landfill space. In recent […]

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Green Building Defined

in Buesing Corp, Recycling Concrete & Asphalt, Green Building

Green buildings seek to use land and energy efficiently, conserve water and other resources, improve indoor and outdoor air quality, and increase the use of recycled and renewable materials. They represent the future of construction. As such, we at Buesing Corp., have taken the initiative to be environmentally¬†responsible contractors. Just some of the environmentally-friendly services […]

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