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Sundt was founded in 1890 by Mauritz Martinsen Sundt, a Norwegian ship carpenter who immigrated to the United States as a teenager. The company's early projects were homes and farm structures in northern New Mexico. In 1929, the company ventured outside of New Mexico for the first time to build a Methodist Church in Tucson, Arizona. The project was directed by John Sundt, one of Mauritz's 12 children. John liked Tucson, and decided to stay. During the 1930s, he bought out his father's interest, relocated the company to Tucson, and renamed it M.M. Sundt Construction Co. In 1942, the company built Los Alamos, an entire town in New Mexico for a super-secret government project. In just 14 months, Sundt built homes, research buildings, and the infrastructure to support a community of military and technical personnel. In 1952, Sundt diversified its operations by entering the heavy construction field. Its first project of this type was a new 14,000-foot runway at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson. Over the ensuing years, M.M. Sundt has become one of the state’s leading heavy construction contractors. In 1966, the company opened a regional office in Phoenix, when it took its first steps to becoming an employee-owned corporation. Today, Sundt is 100 percent employee owned, celebrating its 120th anniversary this year, and is known as one of the 100 largest general contractors in the United States incorporating five divisions: Building, Concrete, Federal, Heavy Civil, and Mining and Industrial.

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