The Mining market sector and project type in which Buesing Corp pursues largely includes a variety of natural mineral operations such as:

  • Copper
  • Gold
  • Molybdenum
  • Uranium
  • Cement/fly ash
  • Sand & Gravel

Buesing Corp does not necessarily perform mine operations or run of mine work. Upon request, we may consider performing main road construction, mass excavation and hauling, or other earthwork activities that may be directly related to operations.

The support projects or special projects we are most interested in including storm water control, drainage, basin or reservoir, temporary access roads, earthwork or excavation support related to plant facilities and expansion, etc.

The services that Buesing Corp may provide will vary greatly depending on the project and whether we are pursuing the work as a specialty subcontractor or a prime contractor to the mine site owner. A range of services we offer the mining market may include mass excavation, grading, shoring/earth retention, shotcrete, foundation drilling, trucking, onsite crushing/screening, paving, micropiles, etc.