Number of Piles/Piers Installed
637,599 EA
Number of Megawatts Projects Involved
1,768 MW

The Renewable Energy market sector and project type in which Buesing Corp pursues largely includes:

  • Private, commercial, municipal, major utility
  • Distributed or utility scale
  • Ground mount solar fields
  • Wind turbine farms
  • All scales of project size 5MW to 500MW
  • All types of solar energy technologies (PV, CPV, CSP, mirror, thermal, etc)
  • Drainage improvements such as channels, swales, road crossings, etc
  • Erosion control such as rip rap, shotcrete lining
  • Storm water piping, headwalls, channels, retention basins
  • Main access road pioneering and construction
  • Onsite intermediate road construction
  • Crane pads
  • Structure excavation pits and pads

The services that Buesing Corp may provide will vary greatly depending on the project and whether we are pursuing the work as a specialty subcontractor or a prime contractor. A range of services that we offer include SWPPP install, water support install, mass excavation, site cut/fill, grading, shotcrete, trucking, aggregates, paving, etc.