mass_excavation_imgBuesing Corp. has been in the mass excavation and backfill business since 1965 and has moved literally millions of cubic yards of earth in the last 45 years. Since moving to Arizona in 1985 we have been involved in most of the large underground garage & basement excavations in metropolitan Phoenix, including several of the projects that have shaped its unique skyline. We pride ourselves on our ability to take on the largest most difficult excavations in a cost effective and timely manner. Buesing has the unique capability of self performing both mass excavation and shoring.

  • Commercial basements
  • Below grade garages
  • Integral shoring
  • Retention basements
  • Roadways


Buesing Corp. has a full range of equipment and available man power capable of developing at grade sites and structures. Our services start with GPS topographic models provided internally from our CAD department which is transferred into our grading equipment onsite for added speed & accuracy on the ground. Buesing Corp. can also provide surface demolition, clearing, pre-wet, track out, SWPPP installations and other civil services.


Buesing Corp. is an expert in structural excavation & backfill. We pay special attention towards excavation to lines and grades, over-excavation, & specific compaction requirements essential to the building’s integrity and lifespan. Buesing Corp. will work side-by-side with other contractors to help coordinate the schedule while meeting cost requirements and tackling logistical challenges typically involved on new projects.



Buesing Corp. is experienced with moving earth in metropolitan areas where dust control regulations and related measures are an integral part of the earth work approach. Particularly, we are familiar the Maricopa County Dust Regulations (PM-10 Rules) in central Arizona and have completed hundreds of projects while maintaining compliance. In other states and counties we research the applicable regulations and incorporate them into our estimate and work plan.

Specifically we pre-wet or pre-soak the onsite soils prior to excavation or cut/fill operations which are a major part of mitigating dust while moving or loading dirt. On a project by project basis we may utilize imported asphalt millings or other aggregate surface stabilization, or commercial palliatives.

Buesing will generally mitigate the track-out of dirt and mud onto adjacent streets during earthmoving or off-site truck hauling by using the same aggregate and palliative stabilization, larger size rock at the entrances/exits, and street sweeping.


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