Project Details

Contractor / Owner
Killian Construction
Roadway Excavation, Fills, Embankments
Land Clearing & Grubbing
Site Work / Site Development
Import / Export Soil
Roadwork Storm Drainage
Material Transportation / Trucking Services
Roadwork Shoring / Earth Retention
Mass Excavation
Paving Roads / Off-Site
Site Cut / Fill
Crushing & Screening of Native Soils Services
Backfill / Embankment Fill
Parking Lot Paving
Sports Venues / Entertainment
Dudleyville, Arizona
Completion Date

Project Description

The Apache Sky Casino (new) is being developed by San Carlos Apache Tribe near Dudleyville, Arizona. The project is located in central Arizona on tribal land south of Globe, Superior, & Winkleman, and 50 miles north of Oro Valley, on state highway SR77. This project is phased to include temporary gaming facilities and expandable to a permanent facility, expand parking, and eventually to add a hotel. This first phase included much of the necessary infrastructure to develop the site and provide access off the highway. Buesing Corp was subcontracted by Killian Construction to perform a variety of site development services, including substantial earthwork, an entrance/access road, and offsite roadway construction. Buesing Corp was awarded this project based on schematic drawings and then partnered with the project team to provide value engineering ideas all along the way and to condense the schedule. The wide variety of scopes of work Buesing performed and the associated quantities included:

  • 60 acres of site area / clearing & grubbing
  • 450,000 cubic yards of mass excavation, site cut/fill earthwork, and road embankment fills
  • 221,000 square yards of fine grading
  • 4,400 lineal feet of access road (paved)
  • 16,000 tons of ABC delivered, placed, and compacted
  • 21,650 tons of asphaltic concrete (AC) paving (onsite)
  • 5,000 tons of angular rip rap lining the storm channel
  • 1,900 lineal feet of storm drain piping
  • 11,000 lineal feet of concrete
  • 3,000 lineal feet of ADOT guard rail
  • 4 each ADOT cattle guards
  • 4,300 square yards of asphalt milling
  • 1 decel/turn lane
  • 8,350 square yards of asphaltic concrete (AC) paving (offsite)
  • 6,800 square feet of soil nail shoring
  • 6,500 square feet of permanent shotcrete wall