Project Details

Contractor / Owner
C3, L.L.C.C3, L.L.C.
Roadway Excavation, Fills, Embankments
Land Clearing & Grubbing
Shotcrete Channel Lining
Site Work / Site Development
Material Transportation / Trucking Services
Mass Excavation
Road Construction
Water / Waste Water
Lake Havasu City, Arizona
Completion Date

Project Description

The Topock Marsh Infrastructure Improvement project is located at the Havasu National Wildlife Refuge, within a remote area of Mohave County along the Colorado River approximately 25 miles southeast of Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Buesing Corp.'s scope of work includes the diversion and dewatering of existing water canals, as well as the construction of new fire break canals and inlet canal control structures, the rehabilitation of existing farm ditch inlets, and the installation of three water crossing bridges. The project is scheduled to reach completion in the fall of 2011.

  • 20 acres of site demo and clear & grub
  • 19,000 cubic yards of excavation
  • 500 cubic yards of furnishing and installation of riprap
  • 6,800 square feet of furnishing and installation of steel sheet pile
  • 44,250 square yards of access road grading
  • 13,700 lineal feet of concrete/shotcrete lined canals (96,000 square yards)