Buesing Corp has decades of experience and the expertise in the construction of  flood drainage and control, and storm control projects for the Public Works/Flood Control sector. We often execute these projects as a prime contractor, and as needed will provide ancillary services as a specialty contractor. We can provide, and self-perform the majority of, a variety of storm drainage control services, including:

  • Retention/detention basins
  • Reservoirs
  • Dikes, levees, and flood control structures
  • Channels
  • Box culverts and storm piping
  • Drainage swales
  • Drainage or diversion channels
  • Spillways
  • Storm piping
  • Box culverts
  • Rip rap (crush onsite or procure)
  • Gabions, mattresses, and crossing armor
  • Slope rock armoring (crush onsite or procure)
  • Shotcrete lining

As needed we will subcontract specialty work such as headwalls, control gates, railing, miscellaneous metals.

We are also experienced and capable of producing onsite rip rap using our crushing and screening crews if the quantity and project requirements warrants. When the project requires, Buesing will self-perform the soil cement and soil improvements associated with drainage and flood control structures to help prevent erosion and scour protection.

Because Buesing Corp is an innovator and versatile specialty contractor, we are able to also self-perform many other unique methods of construction and scour protection associated with storm drainage and flood control structures, including sheet piling, drilled piers, and shotcrete.