Buesing Corp performs site cut/fill and mass grading for both new landfill development and cell construction and for new cell expansion or phases. We own two kinds of scraper fleets and a truck fleet and we will evaluate the best suited operation for a specific landfill construction project based on soil type, grades of the haul route, distance of haul route, etc. Quality, dust control, and production relative to schedule also factor into our approach and equipment selection. The experience and expertise of Buesing Corp and its people is why our landfill customers choose us, and our performance and execution of the work reinforce that decision.

Buesing’s fleet of equipment, for the most part, is newer technology with Tier 4 compliance, to help with emission and production efficiencies, and up time. We utilize GPS models and machine control on our motor graders and dozers to help this operation and to meet the quality and schedule expectations for the project, and with less formal survey/staking needs than historically necessary.

Often the excess soil is stockpiled on the site with temporary haul routes. Buesing is mindful of the nuances associated with the construction of this temporary road and need for dust control during our excavation and haul operations. Dust control is important to the agencies, its important to our customer/owner, so its import to us here at Buesing.

Depending on the landfill owners requested scope, we can include the liner and leachate collection system as subcontracted services. In addition, we are also able to include the entrance, access road, and other infrastructure such as scale and building pads, drainage basins and swales, and channels, etc.

Landfill Cell Excavation Projects