We have the experience and resources to perform a variety of civil related scope services to help mitigate old debris landfills and wildcat dumping sites. Often part of the solution is to perform deep over excavation to remove both the buried debris as well as the uncontrolled or otherwise loose fill associated. In these over excavation scenarios, our earthwork and crushing/screening expertise and resources provide the production, quality, and cost effectiveness needed on these distressed, yet sensitive, sites. The inert asphalt and concrete debris is often sized and incorporated back into the site as structural fill in lieu of expensive haul off and disposal.

In summary, Buesing Corp draws upon its extensive experience and expertise to provide a range of services to assist on mitigating old debris landfills and wild cat dump sites, including the following:

  • Cut and fill earthwork
  • Deep overexc and recompact
  • Sorting / segregating debris and waste from native soils
  • Screening to meet max particle size specs
  • Recycling of concrete or asphalt debris for use as structural fill
  • Disposal of debris to licensed and open landfills
  • Site fills and backfills and compact

Although it is prudent to perform many of these types of projects on a negotiated, unit price, or time and materials contract basis, Buesing Corp is experienced and a trusted partner to collaborate with the project team to evaluate and work towards a cost-effective, sensible solution. With Buesing being part of this collaboration, we are able to provide key input on constructability, production and schedule, and pricing evaluations.