Buesing's experience in the import and export of soil has made us a leader in the industry for decades. especially when we also provide the material transportation / trucking to help ensure schedule and quality control. Excess dirt or unsuitable soil on a project becomes export soil that must be economically transported off the site and disposed of. When the site elevation is low relative to the design or proposed grades then the site has a soil deficient, and is in need of imported dirt. There is also occasion that a better-quality dirt than what normally is found on a particular site must be imported.

The logistics and timing of finding the soil that meets the project requirements is challenging, the cost implication of paying royalties for the unit cost of that dirt, and then the unit cost of loading and hauling the dirt to the project site, all must be considered when brokering import/export soil. Buesing Corp has been performing this type of service for over 50 years and we are among the best in the market in this area.


Buesing Corp. has the equipment and the knowledge to locate & supply import soil material to your worksite in an efficient manner. We are one of the leaders in the industry importing pad fill dirt, select fill, or general fill to meet the project requirements and schedule. We encourage our customers to utilize our resources and experience when locating the best material for each project and application.


If a large quantity of dirt needs to be moved in a hurry, Buesing Corp. is the one to call. Buesing Corp. has the crews and equipment to take on almost any excavation projects large or small. We are vastly experienced in exporting dirt with safety, cost, and production in mind. Our relationships with local government entities have also earned us a great reputation on the road which helps us coordinate the safest haul routes and over the road practices.


Import / Export Soil Projects