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Buesing has been self-performing recycling of concrete and asphalt since 1998 and have proven to be a respected and successful leader in this niche market since then. We own several pieces of equipment as part of our recycling operations, including several crushers, screens, conveyors, stackers, etc.

Buesing Corp pursues recycling opportunities in the following two categories:

Fixed Plant Recycling
Project Site / Mobile Recycling

Much of the same equipment is utilized to crush and screen native rock and soil for a project site needs, discussed. More details are provided on that service page.

Buesing Corp. can assist the owner or general contractor to obtain their LEED goals by importing recycled concrete aggregate base course (ABC) and ground screened asphalt (GSA) to the project. We can also help by providing onsite crushing and recycling of concrete and asphalt for reuse on the project, or hauling the demolition debris to our main recycling facility in Chandler. We have provided this type of assistance on several LEEDs accredited projects in the past few years. Just ask how we can help.


Recycling Concrete & Asphalt Services Projects