Buesing Recycling Facility - Plant 2

Concrete and Asphalt

18522 S. Hamilton St. Chandler, AZ 85286

Buesing Corp operates a fixed location recycling center in Chandler, Arizona (Plant 2).

At this fixed location, we accept in-bound concrete (24” minus) and asphalt based on a dump fee listing ($/Load).

Aside from the obvious benefit of keeping the debris out of landfills, there are appreciable savings from allowing an "in-town" disposal location that reducing transport costs, plus a savings from commercial landfill dump fees.

We produce many different products and sell ($/ton) the material across the scale and out the gate to serve the aggregate market.

Buesing can recycle the asphalt into several products, including a ground surface aggregate (GSA) that has many temporary and permanent dust control/surface stabilization applications.

The common recycled products that we produce at our fixed recycling center include:

  • MAG 702 ABC (recycled concrete, asphalt, or blend)
  • Track-out Rock
  • Floor Fill
  • GSA  (ground asphalt)
  • RAP (crushed/screened asphalt)

Use of recycled concrete ABC from our Chandler center has many advantages, including the following:

  • Our crushed concrete ABC (base) is accepted by the City of Chandler and other municipalities.
  • Recycled concrete ABC (base) is lighter than most ABC that is made from virgin sources, which gives contractors more volume of material per ton than other materials.
  • Crushed concrete ABC also has a high lime content which has many benefits including being more resistant to excessive water, and sets up hard that it is described by most contractors that have used it as “a dream to pave on”.