Micropiles are generally a vertically installed slender structural assembly that is most often designed and installed to carry the axial (or vertical) load of a structural footing or foundation. Micropiles can be comprised of a variety of materials and installed a variety of ways, and are generally characterized as small-diameter caissons. Micropiles are typically less than 12-inch diameter, and caissons are larger than 12 inches.

Micropile systems may consist of the following materials and types:

  • Drilled
    • Open hole drilling
    • Self-drilling
    • Grouted
    • Steel casing
    • Steel pipe, beams, or other shapes
    • Steel rebar or threaded bar or rock bolts
  • Driven steel pipe, beams, or other shapes
  • Helical piers
  • Cluster or series of micropiles

Buesing Corp performs many types of shoring / earth retention systems utilizing our experience and fleet of drills and therefore micropiles can sometimes be utilized as the shoring system. We can also install micropiles for their more convention purpose of carrying the axial load of a structure/component. Buesing Corp can perform this work as part of the project which we are already contracted, or we often contract micropiles as ancillary, stand-alone services.