Shoring / Drilling / Pile Driving??

Buesing Corp has self-performed hundreds of soil nail shoring projects for a wide variety of applications and market sectors since 2003 to establish ourselves as a leader in this segment of the industry. This form of earth retention has been in existence since the late 60’s early 70’s, however its prevalence has not really been made until the recent 15 years.

Historically the soil nail shoring system was a considered an alternative to the steel beam and lagging type shoring system. In this time of its emergence, soil nailing has become the first consideration due to its considerable cost savings compared to the steel beam system.

Soil nails are essentially a horizontal tendon (nail) that is drilled into a vertical cut face in an approximate 5 ft x 5 ft (H x V) pattern. The most common facing is 4 inches of shotcrete, reinforced with welded wire mesh. The tendons or nails can be a variety of different materials obtained from specialty suppliers.

There are many factors that should be considered when evaluating soil nail systems for a project, including soil types, surcharge or underpinning components, city shoring requirements, PL/ROW requirements, and utility conflicts.

Soil Nailing Projects