The application of shotcrete for slope stabilization is a common solution to help prevent an excavated (cut) slope from eroding, for either in temporary or permanent slopes. It’s relative ease of constructability and cost effectiveness, especially in remote locations, is often why it is the preferred choice. Shotcrete stabilization is most often an unfinished or gun grade surface.

Buesing Corp has performed both new and repair work for a variety of projects and across multiple market sectors (commercial, public works, mining, etc). This work is provided as an ancillary, stand-alone service, and is scalable from 1 days’ work to thousands of square feet of shotcrete.

Shotcrete stabilization of slopes can either be designed with or without a steel mesh or fabric. The design thickness of the shotcrete may vary per project depending on the project purpose, temporary or permanent design life, soil type, and owner/agency.