Volume of Earth Hauled Since 1986
22,725,500 yd3

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Excavation Contractor | Phoenix, AZ

Buesing Corp is a leader in mass excavation projects for over 50 years, specializing in the following:

  • Commercial Basements
  • Below Grade Garages
  • Retention Basins, Channels, and Reservoirs

Since moving to Arizona in 1986 we have been involved in most of the large underground garage and basement excavations in metropolitan Phoenix, including several high profile projects that have shaped its unique skyline. Mass excavation is a category of earthwork, and as its name implies involves large quantities of dirt which can be excavated with relatively high productivity.

By contrast this is the opposite of structural excavation which is slower and a series of smaller excavations. In most cases mass excavation refers to the scenario where the soil can and should be loaded directly into material transport trucks or haul wagons. Again by contrast, if a scraper fleet were used to move soil from one location on the site to another, then it would be a site cut and fill activity. Buesing Corp’s reputation for being a leader as mass excavation contractors is well deserved based our track record, however we really excel at all three of these types of earthwork. And when the project requires, we perform all on the same site.

A mass excavation geometric shape is generally a deep like a basement or reservoir, but can have a very large footprint area too. The loading equipment can vary between front end loaders and trackhoes and the hauling equipment can either be highway trucks or off-road trucks. There is an inherent amount of technical difficulty associated with mass excavations for many reasons, including the relative depth of excavation, the changing soil types, the need for OSHA safe slopes or earth retention systems integral to the excavations, the need for a proposed permanent structure to “fit” in the excavation you are creating, work logistics for other trades and/or the general contractor, site access issues, etc, etc. Buesing Corp has the people, equipment, and experience to provide mass excavation contracting services in a manner that excels at performing many types, including the more difficult mass excavation projects.

Mass Excavation Projects