Surface Demolition and Debris Removal

Surface demolition and removals is a subcategory of demolition and are somewhat defined as demolition and removal of surface or near surface man-made improvements, excluding larger and/or vertical buildings or structures. Examples of on-site surface /near surface removals include asphalt pavement road or parking lot, sidewalks, light bollards, parking bumpers, sprinkler pipe, known shallow footings, etc. Buesing Corp often performs the surface removals and demolition activity as part of our site work/earthwork package because it needs to be completed first, timing and sequence make sense as one immediately flows the other, and often both services utilize the same heavy equipment.

This scope is often split between removals “onsite’ defined by the back of the curb, and those that are “off-site”, or including the curb and gutter and roadway.

The disposal options for the removal/demolition debris can be a value add service for Buesing Corp. We are capable of re-purposing some materials such as asphalt pavement and concrete debris by crushing the debris onsite. The use of these debris materials for onsite project-wide logistics is often a value engineering evaluation and decision. Most often, however, the debris will need to be hauled off the site for legal disposal or to a local concrete and asphalt recycling center, such as our facility in Chandler, AZ.

Either of these recycling and re-purposing options is eligible for LEEDs credits, and Buesing Corp can provide the necessary letter/documentation upon request.


Surface Demolition & Removals Projects