1. Buesing Corp is providing the Company Store as a means to share with our employees, trade partners, and customers what apparel and promotional items we have available, as many people may not know all of what we offer.

2. Many apparel and safety items are offered to groups of employees or in some cases all employees, free of charge one (1) each per employee whether as a new hire, or as a company-wide celebration of our years in business or our safety performance. Your supervisor or the office can clarify the varied plan for distribution. Email us your questions.

3. We make the various apparel items available for purchase to our employees as many often express interest in buying one or more additional apparel to add to their own daily wear rotation, or for family and friends.

4. There are occasions that employees are responsible for purchasing replacement safety items if they have been misplaced, or if an employee is not part of the group designated to receive a particular item for free (i.e. trucking shirt, or high visibility safety jacket).

5. Some items do in-fact have date or anniversary references that may indicate a shelf life, and thus at the appropriate time their price may be reduced accordingly to make extra shirts for employees to purchase that much more affordable. Look for “Sale” notifications and reduced pricing.

6. All merchandise in the company store is priced at or below cost. Buesing is not making a profit on any item. In many cases we have priced items to be affordable and competitive with similar items at other retail stores. We suggest you consider that if you have to buy extra apparel or other items as part of being employed in the construction industry and one shirt doesn’t suffice in a work week, why not purchase Buesing’s apparel/items.