The Landfill Construction and Closure market sector and project type in which Buesing Corp pursues largely includes:

  • Private, commercial, municipal
  • Solid waste, construction debris
  • New landfill construction
  • Landfill cell expansion and construction
  • HDPE and clay lined
  • Landfill capping, cover, and closure activities
  • Drainage improvements such as channels, swales, road crossings, etc
  • Erosion control such as rip rap, rock mulch, shotcrete lining
  • Storm water piping, channels, retention basins
  • Leachate collection and recovery system piping and drainage materials

The services that Buesing Corp may provide will vary greatly depending on the project and whether we are pursuing the work as a specialty subcontractor or a prime contractor. A range of services that we offer include mass excavation, site cut/fill, grading, shotcrete, trucking, export of excess soil, import of unique spec soil, aggregates, onsite crushing/screening, onsite recycling concrete & asphalt, structures, paving, etc.