Volume of Aggregate Hauled Since 1986
8,370,000 tons

Material Transportation | Trucking Services

Buesing Corp began the company in Minnesota with a truck hauling aggregates in 1965, and we have continued to make trucking and material transport a core service. By hauling dirt and aggregates for decades, we have extensive experience in the material transportation and trucking business. Buesing’s philosophy towards our service, quality, and professionalism certainly includes our trucking operations. We have dedicated trucking and material estimators, trucking dispatch, truck foreman, and a trucking operation manager.

The value Buesing Corp brings to the material transportation and trucking service is reliability, service, communication, and quality.

Buesing performs a number of related trucking and material transport scopes of work to support our in-house construction projects, as well as, performing them as ancillary services to the construction industry as a whole. Three primary categories of material transportation include the following:

  • Aggregates
  • Import / Export Soil
  • Trucking


Material Transportation / Trucking Services Projects