Buesing’s experience in aggregate supply and transport has made us a leader in the industry for decades. We own a fleet of belly dump trucks and end dump trucks (supers), plus manage dozens more hired trucks to transport thousands of tons of aggregates every year. Owning transport trucks as well as managing dozens more trucks of others helps ensure project schedule and quality control. Our continuing goal is to provide reliable service matched with quality products and on time deliveries.

Virgin Aggregates

Buesing Corp has created long term relationships with all major sand and gravel and virgin aggregate suppliers in Phoenix, Tucson, and the surrounding areas. The familiarity regarding the intricacies associated with these various pits allows us to balance profitability and competitiveness. In all we do, every day, we strive to be very competitive with supplied and delivered aggregate pricing.

Buesing can supply and transport a variety of manufactured products and aggregates, including the following:

  • MAG 702 ABC (virgin and recycled)
  • Pea Gravel / Chips
  • Track-out Rock
  • Gravel / Floor Fill
  • Sand
  • Decomposed Granite (DG)
  • GSA (ground asphalt)
  • RAP (crushed/screened asphalt)

While we routinely supply and transport large quantities of virgin aggregates, we are also a respected source of recycled products either from our own fixed recycling center in Chandler, AZ

or other recycling centers in the area.

Recycled Materials (Concrete & Asphalt) Aggregates

Recycled products can be cost effective in straight comparison, and it often a sensible option if there is also demolished debris on the site. The common recycled products available at our fixed recycling center in Chandler, AZ include:

  • MAG 702 ABC (recycled concrete, asphalt, or both)
  • Track-out Rock
  • Floor Fill
  • GSA (ground asphalt)
  • RAP (crushed/screened asphalt)


Aggregates Projects