The breadth of experience our concrete crews have with their previous company combined with Buesing's rich history of being a diverse, innovative specialty contractor allows for us to provide a wide variety concrete installation of amenities and specialty concrete across any market sector. We have the tools, equipment, knowledge, and experience to perform your next project, from the mundane slab-on-grade, or architectural wall for a common purpose, to the more intricate and unique designs. Whether the concrete work you need Buesing to perform with excellence is driven by its artistic or aesthetic value, or concrete component is special because of its specific engineering functionality, we are ready for the challenge.

Some examples of specialty concrete for a variety of market sectors and site requirements include:

  • Energy dissipaters for stormwater discharge
  • Spillways and channel lining for flood control or water delivery systems
  • Scour protection for floodways
  • Cast-in-place lift stations for sewer or water projects
  • Foundations for artwork or security crash barrier
  • Foundations for cell towers, solar energy components, wind energy turbine towers
  • Foundations for crushers and conveyors for a mine operation
  • Collection, inlet, and drop structures for leachate collection at landfills and mine operations