Buesing Corp performs site cut and fill and mass grading services for various types of landfill capping or closure projects. We own two kinds of scraper fleets and a truck fleet and we will evaluate the best suited operation for a specific landfill construction capping or closure project based on where the soil source is located (onsite and distance, offsite), soil type, grades of the haul route, distance of haul route, etc. Quality, dust control, and production schedule also factor into our approach. Buesing Corp’s experience and expertise and that of its people is paramount to the success on these types of project, we know this, and we trust our customers do as well.

In many cases, the soil desired for capping the landfill that is seeking closure status with the state is from unknown sources off the site. Buesing Corp is a leader in both brokering dirt to identify those dirt sources and to perform and manage the trucking to import the qualified dirt to the site for use as capping material.

Buesing’s utilizes a fleet of equipment that, for the most part, is newer technology with Tier 4 compliance, which helps with emission and production efficiencies, and up time. We also utilize GPS models and machine control on our motor graders and dozers to help this operation meet the quality and schedule expectations for the project.

Depending on the landfill owners requested scope, we can include the liner and modifications to the leachate collection system as subcontracted services. As needed we can also modify the drainage basins and swales, and channels, to meet the requirements of the landfill closure plan.

Landfill Closure Capping Projects