Promoting Safety with Personal Protective Equipment

Safety Culture - Plan, Work, Live: Safe

Promoting safety with personal protective equipment. Personal protective equipment, commonly referred to as “PPE,” is equipment worn to minimize exposure to a variety of hazards. It is a construction worker’s first line of defense against occupational related injuries.

At Buesing, we believe that “safety is NO accident,” and as such are always planning accordingly. This includes outfitting our employees with PPE, training them on its proper use, and immediately replacing any equipment that shows signs of wear and tear.

Our Current Safety Ratings

Here are just some of our safety ratings:

  • Current safety EMOD rating of 0.61.
  • 2015 OSHA safety log information – Average 130 employees, 263,210 man-hours, 1 recordable incident, 0 lost days, 7 restricted days. (EMR 0.61)

Issued Personal Protective Equipment

  • Foot Protection: Steel-toe boots, safety-toe boots, steel-capped boots, or safety-shoes are a must for all employees within our organization. Employees will typically notice symbols on the bottom of the footwear that illustrates the level of protection it provides.
  • Head Protection: Hard hats are required to be worn on all jobs where there is a danger of impact, falling or flying objects. Hard hats also protect again electrical shock or burn. Employees should be sure to select the proper size upon hire and take good care of the equipment when it’s not being used.
  • Hearing Protection: Hearing protection, also known as OSHA approved ear plugs, are crucial on many jobsites in order to protect against permanent damage to the employee’s ear drums or hearing loss.
  • Eye Protection: Safety goggles or face shields are to be worn anytime a job presents physical, chemical or radiation threats or damage to the eyes or face. Everyday glasses or sunglasses are NOT an appropriate form of eye protection. If an employee wears glasses, they must request PPE that fits over them.
  • Respiratory Protection: This type of PPE is one of the most important and must be worn anytime toxic chemicals are present on a job site to prevent toxins from entering straight into the body. We instruct all employees on the proper use of all PPE as well as what the equipment’s limitations are.

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