Construction: A Career and A One Man’s Retirement

Skyscraper Construction

The construction industry is one of the most rewarding fields one can possibly imagine working in. There are many reasons why it is a great industry to work in including the opportunity to work with other professionals on key projects, being part of a team that creates lasting structures which help to shape the future, gainful employment, and earning a respectable living; among others.

The opportunities in construction are many: Sales, Engineering, Operations, and support services. Like to travel? A career in construction often requires extensive travel. Workers generally need to go where the jobs are, which may be out of town or even out of state, thus taking them away from their homes, family, and friends and being relegated to local motel accommodations.

Gone are the days of making a career in one industry, much less one company, which is why it truly is a remarkable feat when someone does cling to one industry/employer over their 40-career. If you’ve had the opportunity to meet someone that has made a career working for the same company for years, and in construction to boot, you may want to shake his or her hand for that milestone.

This past spring, I was fortunate to have attended a retirement party for one such individual. He started at this construction company at a young age, worked his way up through the company, and was an integral part of the construction of many large high profile projects in multiple states. Both he and the construction company in which he worked were loyal, affording him the opportunity to retire, after 40 years’ tenure with the same company.

In 40 years’ time, he developed many memories, friendships, and monumental structures in just as many cities. All the while maintaining a great sense of humor, which along with his experience earned him the respect of his peers, friends, and employer.

Ken SchacherbauerA slightly tardy but worthwhile shout out: Well done, Ken Schacherbauer, well done!!! Ken is now the “former” VP of Operations at Tutor Perini. Enjoy your retirement friend, it is truly well deserved.

Ken has been friends with Jerry Buesing, owner of Buesing Corp, for 51 years now. They worked together on a number of projects through the years. I personally have known Ken for 14 years – since being at Buesing Corp. Jerry and I both attended his milestone party. Since his retirement a few months ago, he has likely prepared detailed budgeted and a critical path bar chart schedule for his days with his wife and family, golf and travel excursions for the next 40 years.

Congratulations on Your Retirement, Ken

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