The ABCs of Being a Successful Specialty Contractor

Buesing Corp has successfully been in business as a mass excavation, earthwork, grading, shoring, shotcrete, and civil specialty contractor for 51 years. During much of this time our motto has been; Simply the Best!

This past year as we have reflected on reaching this significant 50th anniversary milestone, we have discussed introspective reasons why we have been one of the fortunate companies to survive. We have also heard from many of our peers and customers through our celebrations and topic conversations, and have performed some basic research on the internet and various publications (books and articles).

The two most important aspects that will help a construction contractor sustain is to provide a service that others will want, and maintain “cash flow”, with little or no debt. After these two key ingredients, there are a multitude of opinions and methods to create and maintain a successful specialty contracting company.

Although, there are many published variations of the 5 C’s of Selling to help a company prosper, we have developed our own hybrid that we both use and strive for, thus the ABCs of our company’s success are as follows:


  • Attitude
  • Attention (to detail)
  • Aptitude (talented and experienced people)

  • Buesing (Jerry the owner is a leader and innovator)
  • Buesing (Corp – in business 51 years)
  • Believe (in ourselves and trust our outstanding performance will help you believe in us too)
  • Best (in the services we provide supported by our reputation and ranking)
The 5 C’s of Selling (commonly known for Sales and Business Development in many industries)

  • Customer
  • Competition
  • Customize (the offer or quote proposal to meet the customer’s needs)
  • Close (the deal)
  • Continuation (nurture customer relationships and stay in touch)

Buesing Added C’s

  • Creativity (from estimating to operations; to provide added value to the project team)
  • Connections (relationships)
  • Competitively-priced
  • Culture (founded on employees are key, customer service, production minded, cost awareness and control, and safety matters)
  • Challenge (problem solve by innovation)
  • Commitment
  • Create (interest in brand awareness and share why a customer should follow Buesing; and add Buesing to the bid list)
  • Compelling (communication and presentation in all phases from preconstruction, field execution, project management, completion (turning over the work))
  • Competent (in our people and operations, quality standards, and training)

The construction company, Buesing Corp included, are certainly not perfect. However, our desire is to improve every day and earn the trust of our customers and trade partners, shows in everything we do. Learning the ABCs as a toddler is a relatively easy and a fun challenge. Executing the ABCs we outlined above is a goal we aim for today, the next day, and the next. It is a goal worthwhile if we want to be the best.

Source: Quick Summary PDF Document Credit by Rich Delaney

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