Three Types of Excavation


Buesing Corp’s reputation for being a mass excavation leader is well deserved based on our expertise and performance history. We specialize in excavating for commercial basements, below-grade garages, and retention basins, channels, and reservoirs. However, we excel at all three types of earthwork – mass, structural, and site cut and fill, and when the project requires, we can perform them simultaneously.

Mass Excavation

A form of earthwork, mass excavation involves extensive quantities of soil, which has been excavated from the ground at the depth required for the garage or basement. Big, heavy machinery allows excavation contractors to remove and transport the dirt with relatively high productivity, ensuring the project proceeds on schedule.

There is an inherent amount of technical difficulty associated with this excavating technique. Many factors contribute to this, including the required depth, changing soil types, OSHA required safe slopes or earth retention systems integral to the excavations, proposed permanent structures, site access issues, and more.

Structural Excavating

In contrast, structural excavation involves a series of smaller, more intricate digs. Structural elements may include column, spread, or strip footings and core or temporary tower crane foundations. Additional structures include caissons, garage ramps, grade beams, vaults, elevator pits, and more.

These more minor, slower excavations and backfills are often integral to the concrete activity/trade sub’s sequence and daily timing. Buesing Corp has extensive experience as an excavation contractor performing this work, either as an add-on option to our earthwork package or ancillary scope.

Site Cut and Fill

Another type of excavation typically performed on “at grade” projects is site cut and fill. It describes earthwork conducted by a scraper fleet, where one scraper machine makes thin cuts, and the bowl is filled with soil obtained from the cuts, then used as onsite soil fil to achieve the desired grades.

Depending on the project’s requirement, the dirt may be cut then dumped in a central location for future use, load, or export. A dozer operation occasionally performs site cut and fill by pushing the soil into place. Typically, all variations for this excavating type are performed on projects ranging from strip mall to landfill cell construction. 

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Buesing Corp is a specialty civil contractor serving the construction industry since 1965. Our company provides many civil-related contractor services involving earthwork, trucking, dirt brokering, aggregates, shoring, crushing, recycling, foundation drilling, and residential and commercial concrete.

The diversity of our equipment fleet and the quality of our employees, coupled with our breadth of experience, allows Buesing Corp to serve various market sectors throughout the Valley. These include but are not limited to public works, healthcare facilities, airports, commercial buildings, and infrastructure.

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