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The Sustainability of Shotcrete

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Shotcrete refers to concrete placement onto surfaces, such as a below-grade basement or garage wall, at high velocity using specialized equipment. This technique aids in material compaction and consolidation. There are two processes, dry-mix or wet-mix, that shotcrete contractors may choose after careful review of the project’s specifications. There are several applications for this method of applying […]

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shotcrete contractors

What Services Do Shotcrete Contractors Provide?

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Shotcrete is defined as “concrete placed by high velocity pneumatic projection from a nozzle” (ACI). It provides many advantages over traditional, permanent cast-in-place concrete, including being incredibly economical and durable. Shotcrete contractors will use either a wet- or dry-mix process to successfully apply construction materials to various surfaces depending on the project’s specific requirements and scope. Shotcrete […]

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Buesing Corp: In Honor of America’s Veterans

in Civil Engineering Contractor, Buesing Corp, Holidays, Mass Exc & Shoring, Shotcrete

Buesing Corp, a leading civil engineering contractor in Arizona, would like to express our respect and appreciation for all the men and women who served our country. God bless our veterans! “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” John F. […]

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Team Buesing Displays Conventional Excellence Downtown

in Design Assist, Earth Retention, Shotcrete

Scheduled for completion early next year, Team Buesing has been engaged in building a new permanent retaining wall on the South End of the Phoenix Convention Center.  Wedged between the Light Rail and the Convention Center Basement, this project has certainly been one for the books.  Team Buesing has been involved in the project since […]

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How Arizona’s Highways are Built

in Civil Engineering Contractor, Safety, Mass Exc & Shoring, Shotcrete, Site Grading

If you have driven along Interstate 10 anytime in the past two years, you have probably noticed many changes, mainly centered around Pecos Rd. in the east valley and 59th Ave. in the west valley. These changes are part of the Loop 202/South Mountain Freeway. The Loop 202/South Mountain Freeway, Arizona’s largest single highway project, […]

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