Sheet piling (corrugated sheets) is a proven method of providing earth retention / shoring for excavation type projects throughout the United States for decades. However, it’s use and constructability is contingent upon the soil types that may be found on a project. Buesing Corp, being the leader in our industry for earth retention / shoring systems, we will provide sheet piling buy and install services when it is best suited for a basement or below grade project based on constructability and cost effectiveness.

Similarly, sheet piling methods (corrugated sheets) are a go-to-option for use as barriers and cut-off walls for channels, levees, and marine structures or walls. In these applications, their use is great in sandy type soils and where shallow and/or surface water may be present. The interlocking nature of the individual sheets renders this system as an effective option to help hold back soil (and water), and be stable and durable enough to withstand erosion patterns and scour protection. Buesing Corp has experience on several projects in its use in these applications.

Sheet piling may also be an effective system to utilize as a vertical land or border wall. Our experience in sheeting piling equipment and methods affords Buesing Corp the opportunity to pursue border wall construction.