Project Details

Contractor / Owner
Plains LPG Services, LPPlains LPG Services, LP
Shotcrete Slope Stabilization
Mass Excavation
Structural Excavation & Backfill
Backfill / Embankment Fill
Industrial / Warehouse
Waddell, Arizona
Completion Date

Project Description

Located at the Bumstead Facility in Waddell, Arizona, the project consists of the construction of a new retaining wall and the north and south retention basins. Buesing Corp.'s scope of work included the construction of the concrete and masonry block retaining wall, concrete footings, and the installation of safety rails at the top of the wall. In addition, the scope of work also included all excavation, structural fill, import and backfill, shotcrete lining, and rock mulch on the slopes.

The construction for the new north and south retention basins included clearing and grubbing, minor cut and fill of the basins, new drainage channels, and grading. The project was approved by the Arizona Department of Water Safety (ADWS), Dam Safety Section, to help flatten the outside slopes of the lined brine operation ponds. SWPP and dust control permits were also required for the overall project.

  • 4,602 cubic yards of earthwork
  • 1,000 tons of rock mulch, installed at 3" thickness
  • 694 linear feet of concrete and block masonry retaining walls with attached safety railings