Buesing Corp self-performs a variety of types of shoring, also known as earth retention, to serve the public road and highway market. We are capable and have experience to design and install as a design-build specialty contractor, where our experience and expertise will afford us the opportunity to propose a cost-effective shoring system. Shoring types or options we can provide include:

  • Soil nailing
  • Steel beam and lagging
  • Tie-backs
  • Rock bolting and netting
  • Gabion baskets and mats
  • Sheet piling (driven)
  • Bank rails (driven)

We often embrace the opportunity after the award of our work to collaborate with the project team to finalize a shoring solution that can also help address constructability and site logistical concerns. Pricing may need to be adjusted depending on the final solution.

We are experienced installing both temporary shoring systems and permanent shoring systems for the road and highway market. Temporary shoring systems often a design-build approach and permanent shoring systems are sometimes a design-build approach or sometimes a pre-design performed prior to bidding. The owner and engineer typically decide if the project component will be a temporary or permanent design, depending on the project requirements for each work or structure component.

Our shoring work can be provided as part of our earthwork scope, or our shoring work can be a subcontracted as stand-alone ancillary service.

Roadwork Shoring / Earth Retention Projects