Buesing Corp performs crushing and screening of native rock and soils to meet the project requirements, often as a value add service. The processing of native soil and rock to reduce the particle size to meet project specifications and/or soils report recommendations often require an onsite crushing and screening operation. There are occasions where crushing only is appropriate to meet the requirements, and other times screening only makes sense. Often, the pricing, planning and execution of this processing of onsite native rock and soil are presented as value engineering alternatives to hauling away otherwise unusable material and hauling in spec material.

The viability of onsite crushing and screening is influenced by the overall quantity, material type, and potential uses of the processed material. If the quantity is appreciable, say 5,000 cubic yards or more, then most often it is cost effective to crush and/or screen onsite.

Buesing Corp has extensive experience in performing onsite crushing and screening, and we own multiple pieces of equipment for this work, including several crushers, several screens, conveyors, stackers, etc. With this same equipment, we also recycle asphalt and concrete debris at our Chandler, AZ fixed location,

as well as mobilize to perform recycling on the project sites. Our crushing and screening crews are seasoned in the nuances between recycling and native soil/rock processing from one week to the next.

Buesing Corp has established a native material fixed source on the north part of metro-Phoenix (Plant IV), near Pinnacle Peak Road and Central Ave.

At this location we are blasting and crushing and screening native material to produce structural fill and MAG 702 ABC.