Dust control is important in all types of sitework and earthwork to mitigate dust being generated by related activities on the site, and help keep dust from leaving the site perimeter. Often the dirt being carried by tires out onto the street also falls under the dust control requirements of a project. Buesing Corp is aware and embraces the need for dust control on our sites, our years of experience and our quality standards helps us be successful in controlling dust and track out.

The heightened importance of dust control is especially true in the jurisdiction of Maricopa County, Arizona. The Maricopa County Air Quality Division (MCAQD) helps ensure the compliance with federal, state, and county air pollution regulations. The MCAQD manages the permits and enforcement for all entities within the county, including construction projects. Although many other counties and states have varying permit and code requirements that will need to be managed on a project by project basis. For more information, the MCAQD website is:


Air pollution is the general concern in the metropolitan area, and dust generated in the site development and construction industry is just one component. Dust that is commonly regulated in our construction industry is defined by the federal Environment Protection Agency (EPA) as PM10 (particulates between 2 and 10 microns diameter). There is field testing that can take place to measure compliance with the PM10 rules. However, MCAQD has also often enforced visual field or jobsite “opacity” tests to enforce compliance.

Buesing Corp implements some form of a dust control plan on each project to help mitigate dust, although it is near impossible to eliminate dust. For nearly every project we build into our scope and schedule an effort to introduce moisture into the soil before excavation / earthwork begins, which is referred to as a “prewetting” or “presoaking” activity. These activities are paramount to the success controlling dust on the jobsite. Flooding the site is one option to presoak the soil to depth. Often however, Buesing Corp will install multiple sections of temporary surface piping and sprinklers to prewet the soil to depth.

Buesing Corp typically mobilizes a water truck, water pull (wagon), and water tower/tank or standpipe on nearly every project to help control the dust. Our drivers/operators for this equipment have all been trained and certified for dust control to comply with MCAQD requirements. Buesing Corp, as a company, also has been assigned a subcontractor dust control compliance number and can make a copy of this certificate available to the project team upon request.

Buesing Corp will also generally mitigate the track-out rock of dirt and mud onto adjacent streets during earthmoving or import/export operations by using aggregates, dust palliatives, track-out rock entrances, grizzly or grate entrances, and street sweeping.

Dust Control Projects