Land clearing and grubbing is the removal of the vegetative growth within the work limits as defined by the project documents. Vegetation can include weeks, grass, crops, and both native and landscaping shrubs and trees. Buesing Corp often performs the land clearing & grubbing services along with earthwork services package because it needs to be completed ahead of earthwork, so the timing and sequence makes sense, and clearing work often utilizes the same heavy equipment as does earthwork.

Depending on the soils report and earthwork specs, varying degrees of efforts are required to remove the root zone (i.e. from trees, shrubs, sod grass, crops). The detail of this scope of work should be clearly defined by the bid documents and discussion with the project team.

Buesing Corp can help you with a variety of disposal options for the vegetative debris from the land clearing work, which may include; burying onsite as is, chipping the debris and then burying, chipping the debris and then hauling off, or haul off direct in trucks or bins. Should the debris be hauled off the site, then the next decision options are disposal at a landfill or transport to a green waste recycling center.

Native plant tree salvaging typically is performed by a different trade specialty contractor directly by the owner or general contractor because of its unique timing, sequencing, and inherent risks.

Land Clearing & Grubbing Projects