Buesing Corp has a fleet of equipment to perform site cut and fill on your “at grade” projects, small and large. Site cut and fill is a term that describes the earthwork conducted typically by a scraper fleet, where one scraper machine makes thin cuts and bowl is filled with onsite soil, and then the scraper travels some distance, and then dumps the dirt out of the bottom in a feathering layer, simply to be used as onsite soil fill to help achieve the desired grades. There are occasion the dirt is cut and then dumped in one spot as a stockpile either for future use or future load and export. A dozer operation occasionally performs site cut to fill by pushing the soil into place. Buesing Corp owns the equipment and has extensive experience performing all variations of site cut and fill operations.

Buesing’ site cut and fill operations are be required on a variety of projects in almost all market sectors and project scopes. Most often site cut and fill operations are characterized as the most efficient for shallow depths of excavation, where the soil is used elsewhere on the site and otherwise does not need to be exported. Site cut and fill project could range from a simple strip mall, or a high volume new landfill cell construction, The scale of earthwork in terms of volume may range from 5,000 cubic yards to millions of cubic yards of soil being moved.

Buesing Corp operates several fleets of scrapers, motor graders, tractor/discs, and water pulls to perform this service. Compaction of the thin layer (lift) of fill soil is also an integral activity that we perform. The motor graders (or blades) that we utilize to provide fine grading are all equipped with GPS machine control for increased efficiency.

Our experienced grade checkers are an integral part of our crew utilizing a GPS rover and base station, providing grade check information on the fly, and often reducing the amount of survey wood lath and the associated subcontracted service.

Site Cut / Fill Projects