Buesing Corp performs structural excavation and backfill, which is also referred to as footing excavation and backfill. Structural elements may include strip footings, spread footings, column footings, core foundations, temporary tower crane foundations, caissons, garage ramps, grade beams, vaults, elevator pits, etc. These smaller more intricate excavations and backfills are often integral to the sequence and daily timing of the concrete activity / trade sub. Buesing Corp has extensive experience as an excavation contractor performing this work, often as an add option scope to our earthwork package, or ancillary scope.

Whether Buesing Corp performs these structural (footing) excavations and backfills or they are excluded, the scope of work is integral to the mass excavation and requires coordination. The pricing, assumptions, schedule/sequence, and details of the structural excavation scope requires collaboration with the general contractor and/or the concrete trade sub.

Buesing Corp is an expert in structural excavation and backfill when we are requested to perform this work. As professional excavation contractors, we pay special attention towards excavating to the plan lines and grades, over-excavation if required, OHSA guidelines, and specific compaction requirements essential to the building foundation system.

Structural Excavation & Backfill Projects